Kilner® Top 10 Healthy Kitchen Buys

We’ve put together our favourite products that will help you create healthy, nutritious food and drink at home.

Wide Mouth Preserve JarsWide Mouth Preserve Jars

1. Wide Mouth Preserve Jars

The Kilner® Wide Mouth Preserve Jars are perfect for preserving whole fruits and vegetables as the wider opening allows for easy filling. They are also a great shape for filling with snacks or lunch on the go. Available in 350ml and 500ml sizes.

Fermentation SetFermentation Set

2. Fermentation Set

The Kilner® Fermentation Set provides an easy way to create your own delicious fermented foods packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures.

Perfect for creating live cultures of sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and much more. Creating your own fermented foods is straight forward, just add your favourite vegetables, water and salt.

Sourdough Starter SetSourdough Starter Set

3. Sourdough Starter Set

The Kilner® Sourdough Starter Set contains all the components needed to make a successful sourdough starter, which will then be used to transform into a fresh and delicious, healthy sourdough loaf.

New to sourdough? Read our handy Sourdough Bread Guide to find out tips on what sourdough bread is, how to make a sourdough starter and find out answers to the most asked questions.

Spiralizer Jar SetSpiralizer Jar Set

4. Spiraliser Jar

The Kilner® Spiralizer offers an easy way to create spaghetti-style spiral ribbons, from a variety of hard vegetables, as a healthier alternative to pasta.

The 1 Litre Kilner® Jar will collect your spirals directly from the cutting blade and the spare lid is the perfect way to store in the fridge or take your meal to work. Perfect for courgettes, squash, carrots, beetroot and sweet potatoes.

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Sauce Press Jar SetSauce Press Jar Set

5. Sauce Press Jar

Create homemade sauces and purées with the Kilner® Sauce Press Jar Set. Simply fill the hopper with desired ingredients and turn the handle to puree the ingredients directly into the Kilner® Jar below. Ideal for making fresh sauces, apple sauce, mash potato and puréed baby foods.

Mayonnaise and Sauce Jar SetMayonnaise and Sauce Jar Set

6. Mayonnaise and Sauce Jar

Creating homemade mayonnaise couldn’t be easier with the Kilner® Mayonnaise and Sauce Jar Set making a much healthier alternative to shop bought mayonnaise. Other sauces such as aioli and salad dressing can also be created using this handy kitchen gadget.

Nut Drink Making SetNut Drink Making Set

7. Nut Drink Making Set

The Kilner® Nut Drink Making Set makes it incredibly easy to create plant-based drinks. Suitable for nuts such as almonds, oats, coconut or soya. Whether you are vegan, lactose-intolerant or looking for milk alternatives, Kilner® makes it simple.

This simple, easy-to-use set gives you total control over what is added to your drinks, guaranteeing a much higher nut content compared to shop bought alternatives.

Grater Jar SetGrater Jar Set

8. Grater Jar Set

Grating your cheese has never been so easy with the Kilner® Grater Jar Set. Simply place the grater attachment onto the top of your Kilner® jar and grate your favourite cheese straight into the jar below.

Included in the set is a 0.5L jar with an iconic clip top lid, perfect for sealing in freshness and storing in the fridge. The grater attachment also fits Kilner® clip top jars including 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L and 2L sizes.

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Clip Top Drinks DispenserClip Top Drinks Dispenser

9. Vintage Drinks Dispensers

The Kilner® Drinks Dispenser can be used to serve many types of beverages and is ideal for parties. It's the perfect dispenser for infusing water with citrus fruits and berries.

Studies show that around 20% of the fruit's nutritional value is absorbed into the water when left for a number of hours. You'll feel refreshed and energised whilst enjoying the drink. 

Fridge Dispenser 3 LitreFridge Dispenser 3 Litre

10. Smoothie Making Set

The Kilner® Smoothie Making Set makes it incredibly easy to create homemade smoothies, iced tea, juices or other cold drinks. Allowing you to be in control of all the ingredients compared to shop-bought alternatives.