Storage Wars: Glass vs. Plastic

IT’S HERE! The fight night the crowd has been waiting for – Storage Wars: Glass vs. Plastic. 

We’re pitting the 2 giants of food storage & packaging together in a clash of storage titans. Who do you think will win?

Round 1 – Size, Shape

Ding Ding Ding. The fight begins; Plastic is looking much larger and his physique resembles that of a Spartan gladiator. His ability to change shape and move freely gives Plastic the opening session. 9-10.

Round 2 – Safety – (What is BPA?)

WOW! Glass drops Plastic to the floor almost instantly, although the challenger doesn’t shatter – the crowd are impressed by that. But as the round progresses Plastic is cut and bleeds BPA all over the canvas! A definite early victory for Glass. 10-8

Round 3 – Weight

Plastic replies well in the 3rd round – he takes the fight to Glass and dances majestically around, stealing the points with lightweight mobility. 9-10

Round 4 – Recycling

After the beating last round you’d expect Glass is almost out on his feet. But wait! The warrior looks good as new as the bell rings and goes on to dominate the worn Plastic to win the session. 10-9

Round 5 – Porous? 

The corner-men have been hard at work and Glass still looks pristine even after deflecting many blows. Plastic’s eyes are starting to swell and his face is crimson stained and weary. An easy win for the non-permeable Glass pugilist. 10-9

Round 6 – Oxidation

Glass is looking angry this round – he means business! Glass flips its lid and throws an almighty blow to Plastic’s body. HE’S DOWN! 1….2…3…the count begins from the referee.

Plastic is down and breathing heavily. As oxygen pours into Plastic’s lungs the count continues… 7…8…9..he can’t get up! 10!

Glass wins by a glorious knock-out. An accumulation of heavy blows hands the tougher Glass warrior the victory.

Jokes aside, why not learn more about BPA and Glass vs.Plastic? Click Here.

25th April 2016

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Share Your Kilner Crafts

Kilner jars have endless possibilities…

Image: Kilner jar painted vase

Discover some creative and inspiring ways to use your Kilner jar.

Inspire me:

Remember to share you Kilner craft ideas for a chance to be featured on our website!

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21st January 2015

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Kilner Jar Lunch

We are beginning to see a new trend taking hold of office workers around the world. More and more people are using glass jars to pack salads, smoothies or noodles for their lunch.

Smoothies and fruit juice are very healthy alternatives to fizzy drinks and can provide you with one or more of your five a day. By using glass jars rather than plastic, you can continue to re-use the jars without fear of smelling yesterday’s lunch.

There are many delicious recipes available online to inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

One of our favorites is Deliciously Ella’s Kilner Jar Kelp Noodle Pot. Inspired by the fabulous Hemsley sisters, Deliciously Ella has transformed our lunch time with this tasty Kilner jar recipe.


12th January 2015

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Kilner’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Kilner’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for something original, beautiful and special for Christmas?

Here are some creative and inspiring gifts to give your family and friends for Christmas.

#1 Kilner Homebrew Kits

The perfect creative gift for the man in your life.

Choose from cider, bitter or lager.

Everything you need is included in the kit.


#2 5/8 Litre Kilner Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap

Keep the drinks flowing at your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with the stunning glass Kilner Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap.

View our range of Storage Jars with Dispenser Tap.

#3 10 Piece Kilner Preserving Starter Set

Begin making delicious jams, chutneys and jellies with a complete starter kit from Kilner.

View the Kilner Starter Set.

#4 20 Piece Kilner Spice Jar Set

Bring taste back into your life with this cute Kilner 20 piece spice jar set. Now there are no excuses for bland food.

View the Kilner Spice Jar Set.

#5 A Set of 4 Kilner Shot Jars/ Mini Jars

For those who like a little of what they fancy, these beautiful glass Kilner shot jars make a great gift for Christmas.

View the Kilner Shot Jars/ Mini Jars.

#6 Kilner Wine Kit

Raise a glass to your health this Christmas with a glass of your own homemade wine.


#7 Kilner Drinking Set for Two

The Kilner drinking set for two offers a creative way of serving and enjoying delicious drinks.

View the Kilner Drinking Set for Two.

#8 Kilner Preserve Jars as Christmas Lanterns

Transform your jar in a few simple steps to make a magical and thoughtful gift.

Find out how.

#9 1 Litre Round Clip Top Jar Set

Kilner round clip top jars make brilliant gift jars. Fill with sweets or small gifts and decorate with a ribbon and tag.

View our range of Clip Top Jars.

#10 Kilner Sloe Gin bottle

Get creative and infuse gin or vodka with your favourite sweet or candy flavours. Our favourite is candyfloss vodka.

View the Sloe Gin Bottle.

Visit for more products and recipe inspiration.

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8th December 2014

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