Chutneys - When Things Go Wrong

If you are having problems with your home made chutney, take a look at our handy guide to help you along the way.

1. Shrinkage in the Jar

Whilst in store if your chutney shrinks in the jar this is because a good airtight seal has not been achieved which has allowed the moisture to evaporate. Always make sure a good seal has been achieved by testing 24 hours after processing. Also make sure to replace vacuum seals lids after each use and replace rubber seals after 10 uses unless used with acidic produce when they will need replacing after each use.

2. Liquid has Collected on Top of the Chutney

If liquid collects on top of the chutney whilst it is in store it may not have been cooked enough to allow sufficient evaporation. It is possible to rectify this, firstly you need to sterilise a selection of jars ready for re potting afterwards, now empty the chutney back in to the jam pan and bring it to the boil. Allow the chutney to boil until the excess liquid has evaporated. Now you can re-pot and seal your jars and store.

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