Checklist for Jellies

Follow our useful checklist on how to make perfectly clear, delicious jellies.


1. Soften Fruit Thoroughly

It is important to soften the fruit thoroughly when making jellies so simmer it gently for 45-60 minutes.

2. Strain Through A Jelly Bag

To achieve a clear jelly you must strain it through a jelly bag that has been scalded in boiling water. Scalding the bag will stop it from soaking up the juices as your jelly strains through. It is important to let the mixture strain through in its own time. If you force it through the bag you will be left with a cloudy jelly.

3. Only Add Sugar Once The Mixture Is Boiling

To keep your jellies clear and bright in colour, only add the sugar to a boiling fruit mixture. The longer you cook the sugar the darker your jelly will be.

4. Transfer Quickly To Jars Once Jelly Is Made

Once your jelly is made, transfer it to the jars and seal as quickly as possible, do not leave it standing.



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