Make your Own Kilner® Jar Vase

Make this eye catching homemade vase by using a Kilner® 0.5L Preserve Jar with lid. Ideal as a table decoration for when you are entertaining or a perfect gift for friends and family.

To make your very own Kilner® vase, you will need:

Step 1
Before you start, make sure your jar is empty and dry. Place your jar lip side down on a piece of cardboard or newspaper.

Step 2
Spray your preferred choice of coloured paint onto your jar, ensuring you start at the top and work you way downwards.

Step 3
After the first coat has been applied, check that there is an even covering of paint on your jars. If there appears to be some gaps then a second coat of paint can be applied.

Step 4
Leave your painted Kilner® Jar in a well ventilated area and allow to dry. This will normally take between 16 – 24 hours.

Step 5
Once dry, screw the lid back on, add water and complete your homemade vase by adding your favourite flowers.

For further inspiration visit Tilly & Sage

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