Jams & Preserves

Having problems with preserving? Don’t get in a pickle! Our handy guides are here to help. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned preserver, sometimes things can go wrong whilst perfecting preserves or concocting chutneys. Kilner have put together a selection of helpful guides designed to provide advice alongside handy hints and tips to help you along the way. Simply select a guide from the menu below.

Video Demos

For easy to follow instructions on how to sterilise and seal your Kilner jars take a look at our video demonstrations.


Here you’ll find helpful guides to help you plan your preserving throughout the year. Please bear in mind that harvesting times can vary year on year.

Seasonal Produce Chart

Harness the harvest and make the most of locally grown produce to create delicious jams, glorious jellies, and terrific pickles!

Conversion Chart

Our handy conversion chart makes changing from metric to imperial measurements easy.

Acidity & Pectin Chart

Find out which fruits are high in acidity and pectin, a naturally occurring setting agent to help you to achieve a good set.

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