Glass Vs Plastic

Environmental issues surrounding the use of plastics continue to gain momentum as plastic pollution is evidently having a devastating impact on our land, waterways and oceans. Plastic is persistent and today it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing it.

In the UK alone, we use a staggering 13 billion plastic bottles every year and over 7.5 billion of these end up in landfill. At Kilner® we’ve been working hard to find practical solutions in our fight to reduce the production and use of plastic across the planet. We believe that the small changes we all adopt now will add up to make a huge difference to our future.

Kilner glass is easily sterilised
Kilner glass is 100% recyclable
Kilner glass does not absorb odours or flavours
Kilner glass does not stain or transfer toxins

Using glass containers versus plastic holds a number of advantages; not only do you use less plastic packaging but glass offers a more practical, healthy material for use with foodstuffs. Unlike plastic, glass is 100% recyclable, does not absorb odours or flavours and can be used time and time again.

At Kilner® we use ‘A’ grade soda lime glass which has a smooth, non-reactive surface that can be easily sterilised and ensures that there is no transfer of toxins. Our glass storage solutions are perfect for storing your food safely and keeping your items fresher for longer.

Our Top Tips for Cutting Down on Plastic

Plastic has unfortunately become a normal part of our everyday lives, it’s convenient and at times deemed necessary but we are all under threat from the effects of plastic pollution and by making these small changes to our day-to-day lives we can transform our future:

  • Pick up as many plastic-free groceries as you can during your next food shop or even start to grow your own vegetables and herbs.
  • If the packaging from your favourite sauces, coffee and condiments can’t be recycled then don’t buy it. Instead create your own with items from the Kilner® Create & Make range.
  • Don’t buy plastic bottles – fill up your Kilner® Fridge Dispenser and enjoy ice cold water or juice from the fridge.
  • Make your lunches for work and take them to the office in glass containers from the Kilner® Fresh Storage range or use the complete All In One Food To Go Jar Set.
  • Cut out all plastic bags – get yourself some re-usable cotton bags for life instead.
  • On your next walk, pick up 5 items of plastic that you see and take them home to recycle properly.
  • Avoid using plastic cutlery – invest in a Kilner® Breakfast Jar Set or Soup Jar Set which include a stainless steel spoon and spoon holder.
  • Wash clothes less frequently and at cooler temperatures to reduce the amount of plastic micro fibres that are released back in to our water systems.
  • Get yourself a Keep-Cup and use it whenever you buy a takeaway coffee or use your Kilner® Coffee Grinder to make barista style coffee at home.
Reasons to go Kilner®
Reasons to go Kilner

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