Essential Equipment for Preserving

It is important to have the right equipment on hand when preserving, some of which you probably already have at home in your kitchen and others which are more specialised. Take a look at our list of essential kit to get started.

Non-Kilner Equipment

To make the perfect preserve, you will also need some non-Kilner equipment including the below:  

Scales: Required for measuring the ingredients for your recipes.

Range of knives: Knives in a variety of sizes are useful for cutting different fruits and vegetables.

Chopping board: Not just useful to cut on but also to stand hot jars on whilst you fill them.

Mixing bowls: To hold your prepared ingredients.

Ladle: An invaluable piece of equipment when filling jars.

Non metallic spatula: Used for removing air bubbles from filled jars.

Pectin or Jam sugar: Essential ingredients for preserving.

Saucers or plates: These need to be placed in the fridge before you start making your recipe so that they are chilled in time for when you are ready to test the setting point when making jams, jellies or marmalades.

Vinegar and Salt: Essential ingredients for preserving.