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Departments & Job Vacancies

  • Marketing & Product DevelopmentOpen or Close

    The creative heartbeat within the organisation made up of three distinct areas; product creation and graphic design, product management and factory liaison and the traditional marketing function which involves speaking to our trade customers and consumers. The team diary revolves around product launch which happens twice a year where we help support and assist our sales teams.

    No Vacancies

  • National SalesOpen or Close

    Specialised sales support and daily customer management of the largest group of retailers across the Uk and Ireland. The National Accounts team will draw on all of the resources of the business to offer their customers specific help to get unique, complex and large scale project delivered in a timely and organised fashion.

    No Vacancies

  • ITOpen or Close

    Management of the complex range of programme’s which help our business run smoothly covering all aspects of supplier, stock and warehouse management systems to help our business communicate effectively. Drawing on a mixture of programmers and outhouse specialists the team constantly evolves to reflect the dynamism of the business needs.

    No Vacancies

  • ExportOpen or Close

    As the success of our business grows so has the visibility of our brands which has created an international appetite. The Export team personnel are focused in specific regions working with a network of local sales agents and distributors who bring the product to global consumers. Our warehouse and delivery networks support this structure with 3 international storage locations which offer quick and more flexible delivery solutions.

    No Vacancies

  • Sales AdministrationOpen or Close

    The sales support team will gather all customer requirements and navigate customer orders through the business liaising with sales, accounts, stock management and our distribution centre. Ultimately they will make sure goods arrive on time, with the individual requirements in place, all the while finalising instructions from our customers and keeping them informed along the way. Customer service and consumer support is also delivered from within the team.

    No Vacancies

  • AccountsOpen or Close

    Our business is regulated by the flow of money in from customer payment and outwards to national and international supplier invoices. The two parts of the accounts team make sure the speedy expedition of both so our business continues to have good liquidity essential for growth and investment. The team also manage our portfolio of currencies essential for international resource payments.

    No Vacancies

  • Warehouse and LogisticsOpen or Close

    With three separate warehouse locations based on three continents the fully computerised logistics and warehouse systems are controlled through the UK office with precision detail. Within the head office estate we have an extensive purpose built logistics operation which offers packaging, storage and distribution functions necessary for a global business.

    No Vacancies

  • Purchasing, Stock Management, Quality Control, Governance and ComplianceOpen or Close

    The two sides associated with the flow of stock through our business will be co-ordinated with the purchasing team; the balancing of large and small customer order stock requirements within our 3 international warehouses and secondly the control of goods from suppliers into the system. Working alongside the purchasing co-ordinators are the quality control and governance team who make sure the quality standards set are followed rigorously from factory audits, risk assessment and testing of products all the way through to quality control throughout the production process and at delivery.

    No Vacancies

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