Checklist for Pickles

Pickles are an easy preserve to make provided you are well prepared. Your main priorities are the raw ingredients, a good spiced vinegar and the maturing period you allow before opening them. For flavourful pickles and an easy pickling process, follow our useful checklist.


1. Rinse and Drain

Always make sure to rinse and drain your prepared fruit and vegetables after you have salted them.

2. Do Not Pack Fruit Or Vegetables Too Tightly

To prevent your pickled vegetables or fruit from bruising do not pack them too tightly when you come to pot them.

3. Leave No Less Than 2.5cm Space At The Top Of The Jars

You must make sure to leave enough room at the top of the jars for a good amount of vinegar to be added to the fruit or vegetables. We recommend leaving no less than 2.5cm.

4. Use Vinegar Proof Lids

Always make sure that you use vinegar proof lids when sealing the jars, metal lids are not suitable as they will give your pickled fruit and vegetables a metallic taste. The Kilner® Clip Top Jar is perfect for pickles because of its glass lid.

5. Store Your Pickles For At Least For Weeks

It is important to let your pickles mature in flavour before you open them. It's best to store them in a cool, dry, dark place for at least 4 weeks but remember the longer you leave your pickle to mature the more intense the flavour will be when you open them.



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