Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

A delicious and easy pickle for one of the nation’s favourite vegetables.


1 medium red cabbage
1tbsp salt
½ tbsp granulated sugar
½ small onion sliced
450ml Sarsons Pickling Vinegar
Suggested jars: 1 Litre Kilner® Clip Top Jar


1. Cut the cabbage into quarters and discard the outer leaves. Cut away the hard central core and shred the remaining cabbage finely.

2. Layer the cabbage in a bowl with salt then cover and leave to stand overnight.

3. In a Kilner® preserving pan gently heat the vinegar and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool.

4. The following day thoroughly rinse the cabbage and pat dry with kitchen roll.

5. Pack into sterilised Kilner® jars adding a slice or two of onion as you go. Pour in the vinegar until the cabbage is covered, leaving 1.5cm headspace. Wipe the rim of your Kilner® jar and seal. Process your Kilner® jars (please visit our section on processing your jars for information). Allow to mature for 4 weeks in a cool and dry place.

Top Tip: Always use a stainless steel or enamel pan for pickling; this ensures vinegar does not react with your pan and cause a metallic taste.

21st October 2016

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