Kilner® Jar Terrarium

These on trend terrariums will make a great gift and are perfect for bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home.

To make your very own Kilner® Jar Terrarium, you will need:

Your choice of Kilner® jar
Small stones
Activated charcoal
Potting soil
Waterproof ornaments/ trinkets
Small plants
Step 1
Pour a 1 inch base of small-medium sized rocks on the bottom of the jar for drainage.

Step 2
Next add an even layer of activated charcoal which acts as a natural filter to absorb toxins, remove impurities and rotten soil smells.

Step 3
Add the potting soil. If using cactus or succulent plants, make sure that you add some sand or small rocks as these plants require good draining soil. Only fill the jar ¼ full with soil to leave room for the plants to grow.

Step 4
Gently shake off any loose soil from the roots of your plants and bury them into the terrarium soil so the base of the plants are even with the top of the soil. Pack soil around each plant to hold it into position. Don’t overcrowd your terrarium, leave space for air to flow around each plant.

Step 5
Next add your top dressing décor of mixed size rocks, dried mosses, driftwood, crystals or waterproof trinkets. Again, don’t overcrowd your terrarium with décor, leave some space for the plants to grow and still have good air flow.

Step 6
Water only when soil becomes dried out and light brown in colour. Water sparingly, being careful not to over saturate the soil. Check terrariums weekly and remove any dead leaves promptly.

Hints & Tips

  • Succulents and cacti are best planted in vessels with good airflow and less soil room. They also require full sun exposure.
  • Tropical plants like ferns and mosses can grow in low light and are best in terrariums with lids since they love humidity. They also require more space as they grow quickly.
  • Air plants are the most versatile since they don’t require soil, they prefer indirect light but can also handle low light to full sun. They are called air plants because they absorb moisture through their leaves and only require misting or soaking weekly. Air plants are slow growing so you can use them in small vessels.
  • For air plant terrariums, follow the same steps except don’t use soil or charcoal. You can use rocks as a base, or sand and shells. For care, we recommend removing the plants from the terrarium and soaking them in a bowl of distilled water for 5 minutes before returning them to the terrarium. Leave the lid open so that they dry out within a few hours of watering, this will stop them from rotting.
  • Succulent and cactus Kilner® terrariums only require watering once a month.Taking the lids off every day to allow air flow would also be beneficial.
  • The air plant terrarium and the tropical plant terrarium will be fine with the lids on the majority of the time and with monthly watering.

Thanks to Sarah Gies and Eric Gibson at Axis Mundi Artistry for this tutorial and images. Axis Mundi Artistry


4th May 2017

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Kilner Pop-Up Store, Liverpool

We’re coming to the Rex Concept Store on Liverpool’s Bold Street for a very special family-friendly #KilnerPopUp event from Friday November 25th to Wednesday November 30th.

This is your chance to browse the range of Kilner products, get involved in creative workshops and chat to the Kilner team about preserving and pickling, we are here to answer your queries.

If that wasn’t tempting enough, each in store purchase of £10 or more will receive a Kilner Work Surface Protector (worth £10) absolutely free! On top of that there will be a chance to win a Kilner Christmas Hamper!

So, come and join us and get involved with everything our entire jam-packed schedule contains! Speaking of which…

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th November

The #KilnerPopUp opens its doors. Whether you’re here for a prolonged pit stop between bouts of Christmas shopping, or a quick dash in on your lunch break, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

Looking for gift ideas? Need some advice? We’ll be on hand to help!

Saturday 26th November

Freak Shake Masterclasses at 11am/1pm/3pm

These monstrous mash-ups of drink and dessert have taken the world by storm and we’ll be running you through the basics of what makes the perfect indulgent treat. Milkshakes topped with cream, cake, waffles, sauce, sweets and anything else you can think of? No wonder kids love them…

Drink Infusing 12pm/2pm

Kilner have a long history of infusing drinks with a wide range of flavours and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process, offering hints, tips, and tricks along the way.

Spiralising 3pm/4pm

This is your chance to discover the wonders of using the brand new Kilner® spiraliser to prepare vegetables to be used in a tasty salad, or as a healthy alternative to pasta!

This is your chance to try your hand at making your own food gifts. We’ll show you how to make a great-tasting food look even better by serving it inside a Kilner Jar!

Sunday 27th November

Create & Make Session 11am/12pm

A cold Sunday morning needs hot coffee and buttered toast. We’ll teach you all you need to know about making your own butter with the Kilner Butter Churner and your own coffee with the Kilner Coffee Grinder.

Christmas Crafting 12pm-1pm (drop in)

This drop-in/drop-out workshop is perfect for families. You’ll be let loose with a range of crafting materials, a miniature Kilner Jar to decorate and to keep (for a small price), and guidance from our in-store team to create your very own Kilner Christmas tree decoration!

Spiralising 3pm/4pm

Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th November

The #KilnerPopUp will remain open during this time for you to come and explore the Kilner range, and purchase any items.

Head to our Facebook Event, mark yourself as attending, and get instant updates of all the goings-on!

REX: The Concept Store opening times:

  • Monday: 10am – 7pm
  • Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
  • Thursday: 10am – 7pm
  • Friday: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 5pm

REX Concept Store, 24-26 Bold Street, L1 4DS.

15th November 2016

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Kilner Competition – Win Perfect Preserve Set

This month’s Kilner Club newsletter is jam-packed with tips
on pickling and preserving. To help you along, we’re giving away SIX ‘Perfect
Preserve’ prize sets to our Twitter & Facebook followers.

‘Perfect Preserve’ Prize, you can win:

  • Kilner 1 litre preserve jar
  • Kilner 0.5 litre preserve jar
  • Aspall Organic Cyder vinegar
  • Aspall Classic Red wine vinegar
  • Aspall Classic White wine vinegar
  • Aspall Apple Balsamic vinegar
  • Aspall Organic Balsamic vinegar

All you have to do is RETWEET this tweet:


Or LIKE this post on Facebook: ENTER HERE

The winners will be randomly selected on June 22th.

“This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. You are providing information to Kilner and not to any other orginisation.”

28th May 2015

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Vintage Preserve Jars

Traditional methods of preserving with beautiful elegant vintage jars.

The new Kilner vintage preserve jars are an elegant addition to the Kilner range.

With a beautiful striped design around the glass jar, the lids have been changed from gold to silver and embellished with a fruity designed.

The jars come in three sizes, from a 250ml to a 1 Litre glass jar.

Not only will these jars make beautiful preserves but will also make striking interior design features around the home, such as vases, candle holders or even alternative and chic bathroom storage.

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24th February 2015

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Kilner Jar Lunch

We are beginning to see a new trend taking hold of office workers around the world. More and more people are using glass jars to pack salads, smoothies or noodles for their lunch.

Smoothies and fruit juice are very healthy alternatives to fizzy drinks and can provide you with one or more of your five a day. By using glass jars rather than plastic, you can continue to re-use the jars without fear of smelling yesterday’s lunch.

There are many delicious recipes available online to inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

One of our favorites is Deliciously Ella’s Kilner Jar Kelp Noodle Pot. Inspired by the fabulous Hemsley sisters, Deliciously Ella has transformed our lunch time with this tasty Kilner jar recipe.


12th January 2015

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