Dare you to try this Kilner jar recipe:

Fiery Marmalade 

For those of you, who like a spicy condiment, try adding 1tbs crushed chilli flakes and 2tbs preserved ginger to this marmalade recipe, if you dare!

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19th January 2015

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Pear And Lemon Infused Sugar

This infused sugar is a great way to add a bit of extra flavour to anything! Add to tea, bake cakes with it and sprinkle on top of toast or anything else you like. This sweet treat is so simple to make and when we say simple, we really do mean simple.

All you need is sugar, lemon peel and pear peel.

Fill your Kilner jar ¾ full with sugar and then simply add the lemon peel and pear peel on top of the sugar, close the jar and let the flavours infuse.

We used fresh pear and lemon peel for maximum flavour! If you want to experiment, try using different types of sugar and other fruits and spices!

Simple and delicious, that’s how to make our Pear and Lemon Infused Sugar!

14th January 2014

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