Storage Wars: Glass vs. Plastic

IT’S HERE! The fight night the crowd has been waiting for – Storage Wars: Glass vs. Plastic. 

We’re pitting the 2 giants of food storage & packaging together in a clash of storage titans. Who do you think will win?

Round 1 – Size, Shape

Ding Ding Ding. The fight begins; Plastic is looking much larger and his physique resembles that of a Spartan gladiator. His ability to change shape and move freely gives Plastic the opening session. 9-10.

Round 2 – Safety – (What is BPA?)

WOW! Glass drops Plastic to the floor almost instantly, although the challenger doesn’t shatter – the crowd are impressed by that. But as the round progresses Plastic is cut and bleeds BPA all over the canvas! A definite early victory for Glass. 10-8

Round 3 – Weight

Plastic replies well in the 3rd round – he takes the fight to Glass and dances majestically around, stealing the points with lightweight mobility. 9-10

Round 4 – Recycling

After the beating last round you’d expect Glass is almost out on his feet. But wait! The warrior looks good as new as the bell rings and goes on to dominate the worn Plastic to win the session. 10-9

Round 5 – Porous? 

The corner-men have been hard at work and Glass still looks pristine even after deflecting many blows. Plastic’s eyes are starting to swell and his face is crimson stained and weary. An easy win for the non-permeable Glass pugilist. 10-9

Round 6 – Oxidation

Glass is looking angry this round – he means business! Glass flips its lid and throws an almighty blow to Plastic’s body. HE’S DOWN! 1….2…3…the count begins from the referee.

Plastic is down and breathing heavily. As oxygen pours into Plastic’s lungs the count continues… 7…8…9..he can’t get up! 10!

Glass wins by a glorious knock-out. An accumulation of heavy blows hands the tougher Glass warrior the victory.

Jokes aside, why not learn more about BPA and Glass vs.Plastic? Click Here.

25th April 2016

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