Martin Dorey’s Top Tips for De-plasticising your Kitchen!

Martin Dorey’s Top Tips for De-plasticising your Kitchen!

Martin Dorey’s Top Tips for De-plasticising your Kitchen!

How to cut down your plastic usage, make a difference and help the oceans.
The oceans are in deep trouble. Fish, birds and marine mammals are suffering because of our plastic usage. So it’s time to give it up. Here, Martin Dorey, founder of the #2minutebeachclean and author of a new book about plastics, No. More. Plastic. gives us his top 5 tips for making your kitchen plastic free.

1. Buy in bulk and transfer to Kilner® Jars
This is a no brainer really and can help you to halve your waste – at least - in one easy go. If you have a friend with a cash and carry card it’s very easy to buy in bulk and then decant into Kilner® Jars for storing. However, you can still do it at normal shops. Buy the biggest packs you can and decant, stop buying the individually wrapped portions and cut out anything that comes in plastic that can’t be recycled (there’s a lot of it). Job done. You’re an anti-plastic hero already.

2. Find your nearest plastic free shop
While your local supermarket might not have plastic free aisles yet, there are plenty of plastic-free shops around the UK. You take your own Kilner® Jars and then get them filled up with essentials like flour, spices, pasta and only pay for what you take. It’s a different way to shop – and it’s much more fun.

3. Take your own
If you can’t get to a plastic free shop then you might have to take the battle to the big boys. You can reduce a lot of waste by taking your own Kilner® Jars and containers to the deli counter and asking them to fill them up with all your treats that would normally come in plastic pots. You can do the same at the fishmonger and the butcher too. If they refuse you may have to kick up a fuss. But the more of us do it the better. Go you plastic free warriors!

4. Ditch the disposables
We use so much plastic without thinking that it can be a struggle to do without. But there are alternatives, especially when it comes to the washing up. And when you consider that microplastics go down the sink every time you do it, it is high time you made some easy changes. Start by buying eco washing up liquid in bulk online and transfer to a Kilner® Dispenser. You’ll use fewer bottles and save you money too! Plastic microfibre shedding dishcloths can be replaced with coconut husk scourers and plastic dish cloths replaced with cotton. Easy. Oh, and lose that squirty hand wash. Use soap instead.

5. Take a trip down memory lane to go plastic free
In the days before plastic we got by. We washed and cleaned and cooked and ate without using plastic. And we can again. The easiest way is to pay a visit to your local ironmongers. You remember the place? It’s got everything, from wooden brooms to galvanized buckets, cotton mops and wooden nail brushes. It might look old fashioned, but don’t discount it. If you’re serious about making a difference it’s the only way to go. Way to go!!!

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