Kilner® Cocktail Recipes for Storage Jars with Dispenser Taps

When the sun’s out, there’s nothing better than a garden party, and we’ve got the perfect quenchers to refresh your guests this summer..

We’ve included measurements to fit both the Kilner® 5 Litre and 8 Litre Storage Jars with Dispenser Taps.

Summer Berry Punch


5 Litres

-2 litres lemonade
-2 litres cranberry juice
-160g strawberries
-160g raspberries
-160g blueberries
-1kg bag of ice cubes
-10g fresh mint

8 Litres

-3.5 litres lemonade
-3.5 litres cranberry juice
-300g strawberries
-300g raspberries
-300g blueberries
-1kg bag of ice cubes
-30g fresh mint


  • Chop the strawberries into quarters and add to a Kilner® Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap along with the raspberries, blueberries, and the mint.
  • Pour in the lemonade and the cranberry juice and stir. Leave to infuse for an hour or two then use the tap to check you are happy with the flavour.
  • Add ice until the storage jar is full.
  • Display out of direct sunlight, and enjoy at your leisure.

To give this punch an alcohol boost, use one part lemonade and one part prosecco.

Orange Kick Punch


5 Litres

-2 litres orange juice
-2 litres ginger ale
-300g oranges
-1 pineapple
-1kg bag of ice cubes

8 Litres

-3.5 litres orange juice
-3.5 litres ginger ale
-600g oranges
-2 pineapples
-1kg bag of ice cubes


  • Slice the oranges, peel and chunk the pineapple, and add to a Kilner® Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap .
  • Pour in the orange juice and ginger ale and stir. Leave to infuse for an hour or two. Leave to infuse for an hour or two then use the tap to check you are happy with the flavour.
  • Add ice until the storage jar is full.
  • Display out of direct sunlight, and enjoy at your leisure.

To make this recipe alcoholic, simply substitute ginger ale with an alcoholic ginger beer.

Note: Liquid will not dispense if the lid is clipped closed. To pour, unclip the lid and turn the tap.

24th May 2017

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Breakfast with Kilner®

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s important to get it right. We love breakfast here at Kilner®, and that’s why we have a range of products perfect for your morning routine.

For the Coffee Drinker

Budding barista? Café connoisseur? Then the Kilner® Coffee Grinder is the perfect way to kick start your day!

Grind your favourite coffee beans just how you like them with the adjustable ceramic grinder mechanism. Grind enough for one cup, or for the week ahead: Your grounds will stay fresh thanks to the included Kilner® Jar and airtight lid.

For those with a little extra time, why not try steeping your grounds in cold water to extract all the delicious flavour from your bean of choice? Leave overnight, and in as little as 12 hours, the Kilner® Cold Brew Coffee Set will make beautiful coffee for you to enjoy with milk or over ice: Perfect for those summer mornings.

Want a little extra flavour in your morning brew? We have a range of homemade flavoured coffee syrups for you to try!

For the Home Baker

If you’re a fan of fresh croissants or even a slice or two of toast in the morning, butter is an essential companion. The Kilner® Butter Churner is a great way to make homemade flavoured butter for the week ahead and make your breakfast extra special.

Try our Cinnamon & Honey Butter recipe that will give your morning pastry that little bit of extra luxury.

For the Time Savers

In the fast pace lifestyle of the modern office worker, time is at a premium. Overnight oats are the trendy, delicious breakfast solutions for those short on time, and we have some great recipes and products to help.

Served either in a Kilner® Clip Top Jar or a Kilner® Food On The Go Jar, these great tasting and healthy breakfasts can be made in advance and stored until you’re ready to enjoy them!

Raspberry & Blueberry Oats with Almond Milk
Strawberry Granola with Greek Yogurt

This is how we do breakfast at Kilner®, what’s your story? Watch the full Breakfast with Kilner® video here.


17th May 2017

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Kilner® Herb Jars

Give old Kilner® Jars a new purpose by using them as herb pots. They will look great in your kitchen and will be within easy reach when cooking.

You will need:

Step 1
Remove the lid from the jar and place some small stones at the base of your jar to help with drainage.

Step 2
Fill the jar half way with compost/ potting mix then fit the screw band back on the jar.

Step 3
Carefully place your herb plant in the jar and surround with more compost.

Step 4
Water your herb plant so that the compost is damp but not saturated.

Step 5
Tie some raffia, brown string or ribbon around the neck of the jar for decoration and add a label, we used the Kilner® Chalk Labelling Set.

Step 6
Place it in a sunny spot near a window.


Want to know the best way to dry your fresh herbs to preserve them for future use? Read our blog, and we’ll guide you through the process. Click here.

15th May 2017

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Kilner® Jar Terrarium

These on trend terrariums will make a great gift and are perfect for bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home.

To make your very own Kilner® Jar Terrarium, you will need:

Your choice of Kilner® jar
Small stones
Activated charcoal
Potting soil
Waterproof ornaments/ trinkets
Small plants
Step 1
Pour a 1 inch base of small-medium sized rocks on the bottom of the jar for drainage.

Step 2
Next add an even layer of activated charcoal which acts as a natural filter to absorb toxins, remove impurities and rotten soil smells.

Step 3
Add the potting soil. If using cactus or succulent plants, make sure that you add some sand or small rocks as these plants require good draining soil. Only fill the jar ¼ full with soil to leave room for the plants to grow.

Step 4
Gently shake off any loose soil from the roots of your plants and bury them into the terrarium soil so the base of the plants are even with the top of the soil. Pack soil around each plant to hold it into position. Don’t overcrowd your terrarium, leave space for air to flow around each plant.

Step 5
Next add your top dressing décor of mixed size rocks, dried mosses, driftwood, crystals or waterproof trinkets. Again, don’t overcrowd your terrarium with décor, leave some space for the plants to grow and still have good air flow.

Step 6
Water only when soil becomes dried out and light brown in colour. Water sparingly, being careful not to over saturate the soil. Check terrariums weekly and remove any dead leaves promptly.

Hints & Tips

  • Succulents and cacti are best planted in vessels with good airflow and less soil room. They also require full sun exposure.
  • Tropical plants like ferns and mosses can grow in low light and are best in terrariums with lids since they love humidity. They also require more space as they grow quickly.
  • Air plants are the most versatile since they don’t require soil, they prefer indirect light but can also handle low light to full sun. They are called air plants because they absorb moisture through their leaves and only require misting or soaking weekly. Air plants are slow growing so you can use them in small vessels.
  • For air plant terrariums, follow the same steps except don’t use soil or charcoal. You can use rocks as a base, or sand and shells. For care, we recommend removing the plants from the terrarium and soaking them in a bowl of distilled water for 5 minutes before returning them to the terrarium. Leave the lid open so that they dry out within a few hours of watering, this will stop them from rotting.
  • Succulent and cactus Kilner® terrariums only require watering once a month.Taking the lids off every day to allow air flow would also be beneficial.
  • The air plant terrarium and the tropical plant terrarium will be fine with the lids on the majority of the time and with monthly watering.

Thanks to Sarah Gies and Eric Gibson at Axis Mundi Artistry for this tutorial and images. Axis Mundi Artistry


4th May 2017

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At Home With Kilner

You can find a place for a Kilner® creation in any household.

From kitchen to garden, dining room to living room, a lovingly crafted item from Kilner® can bring quality and style to all parts of a home.

At Breakfast

There are many Kilner® items in our range that can help start your day the right way. From making homemade butter with the Kilner® Butter Churner, to serving your jam in our Mini Jars, we can help you at every step.

At the Coffee Table

Nothing tastes better than fresh coffee. Grind your favourite beans and store them easily with the Kilner® Coffee Grinder.

Cold brew your own blend with our brand new Cold Brew Coffee Set. Prepare the night before and it’ll be ready to enjoy at your leisure in as little as 12 hours!

Need a little extra sweetness in your coffee? Try our homemade flavoured syrups, and save a fortune on takeaway coffee too!

In the Garden

Barbeque season isn’t a million miles away, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy your garden. Invite some friends over and impress them with some refreshing drinks from a Kilner® Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap and Handled Jars.

Feeling experimental? Show off your mixology skills with the Kilner® Cocktail Shaker Set!

In the Evening

Take the weight off your feet, and enjoy a quality whisky, brandy or cognac from our Kilner® 1 Litre Barrel Dispenser. Put your favourite spirit pride of place.

To celebrate 175 of the famous Kilner® Jar, we’ve redesigned the original and the best for 2017.

Functional and decorative, it can be used in a variety of interior design contexts, like this beautiful desk lamp (Image courtesy of AdornGirl).

6th April 2017

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