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Autumn Pickles


Autumn has arrived and we are enjoying everything that the new season has to offer; cooler days and darker nights, warm copper tones and snuggling up indoors. This time of year is ideal for pickling, with an abundance of delicious fruit and vegetables readily available. This month we have been making Pickled Carrots which are great eaten on their own but also tasty when included in salads or sandwiches, served alongside meat and vegetables or used to add tang to vegetable tagines. View our Pickled Carrot recipe here.

A Kilner® Spiralizer or Kilner® Grater Jar makes light work of chopping up hard fruits and vegetables that you are planning on pickling. What’s even better is that if you aren’t yet ready to pickle, you can simply remove the spiralizer or grater lid and replace with the screw top or clip top lid keeping contents fresh until you are ready to continue with your recipe.

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Kilner Pickled Carrots

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