World Pickling Week

World Pickling Week

Why Pickle?

Why do we preserve our food?

We preserve our food to deal with a glut of produce...

The Interesting History of Pickling

Pickling's started around 2030BC and has been used by some historical icons..

Why do we use glass for pickling?

Glass is the chosen material for storing pickles, find out why...


What Is Pickling?

Pickling is a global culinary art. If you were to go on an international food-tasting tour, you’d find pickled foods just about everywhere.

You might sample kosher cucumber pickles in New York City, chutneys in India, kimchi in Korea, miso pickles in Japan, salted duck eggs in China, pickled herring in Scandinavia, corned beef in Ireland, salsas in Mexico, pickled pigs feet in the southern United States, and much, much more.

All foods are continually assaulted by many kinds of microorganisms, racing to eat as much as possible. When you pickle vegetables by fermentation, you help one type of microbe win this "race." More specifically, you create special conditions in your pickle crock that keep away "bad" spoilage-causing microorganisms, and that allow a unique class of "good" bacteria, called lactic acid bacteria, to colonize your pickles.

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