World Pickling Week

World Pickling Week

About #WorldPicklingWeek...

World Pickling Week spans the last week of May each year to highlight and promote the art of pickling.


Originating from 'pickle week' which began in 1948 over a 10-day spell in America, the event has now been adopted worldwide.

Pickling is one of the oldest forms of food preservation, its history spawned sometime around 2030BC. A pickle can often be mistaken as just a 'cucumber', but it actually includes the preservation of all vegetables. What makes a pickle a pickle? On a most general level, pickles are foods soaked in solutions that help prevent spoilage.

You can find out more about pickling here...

Don't forget to post all your pickles online and share with the #WorldPicklingWeek hashtag.

what you can do...

  • There might be a vegetable you've never pickled - or maybe you fancy spicing up your usual pickles!
  • Encourage friends and family to pickle for #WorldPicklingWeek or gift them your favourite pickles.