Kilner Recipes

Here you’ll find all of our preserving recipes. Simply select from the menu below which category of food you’d like to preserve and browse through our selection of delicious recipes! Visit our “How to’ section for our seasonal produce guide, and handy hints and tips to aid you in your preserving.

Eat Seasonally

Harness the harvest and make the most of the luscious fruit and vegetables that are in season at the moment. By preserving seasonal produce you can enjoy your favourite food all year round.

Come and take a seat in our beautiful, fruitful Kilner allotment. We have been hard at work, planting, watering and maintaining our fruit and vegetables over the past couple of months and now we are seeing our hard work pay off. The thought of biting into food that you have taken the time and effort to grow yourself, is amazing.To find out what we are growing click here.

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