Kilner® Cocktail Recipes for Storage Jars with Dispenser Taps

When the sun’s out, there’s nothing better than a garden party, and we’ve got the perfect quenchers to refresh your guests this summer..

We’ve included measurements to fit both the Kilner® 5 Litre and 8 Litre Storage Jars with Dispenser Taps.

Summer Berry Punch


5 Litres

-2 litres lemonade
-2 litres cranberry juice
-160g strawberries
-160g raspberries
-160g blueberries
-1kg bag of ice cubes
-10g fresh mint

8 Litres

-3.5 litres lemonade
-3.5 litres cranberry juice
-300g strawberries
-300g raspberries
-300g blueberries
-1kg bag of ice cubes
-30g fresh mint


  • Chop the strawberries into quarters and add to a Kilner® Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap along with the raspberries, blueberries, and the mint.
  • Pour in the lemonade and the cranberry juice and stir. Leave to infuse for an hour or two then use the tap to check you are happy with the flavour.
  • Add ice until the storage jar is full.
  • Display out of direct sunlight, and enjoy at your leisure.

To give this punch an alcohol boost, use one part lemonade and one part prosecco.

Orange Kick Punch


5 Litres

-2 litres orange juice
-2 litres ginger ale
-300g oranges
-1 pineapple
-1kg bag of ice cubes

8 Litres

-3.5 litres orange juice
-3.5 litres ginger ale
-600g oranges
-2 pineapples
-1kg bag of ice cubes


  • Slice the oranges, peel and chunk the pineapple, and add to a Kilner® Storage Jar with Dispenser Tap .
  • Pour in the orange juice and ginger ale and stir. Leave to infuse for an hour or two. Leave to infuse for an hour or two then use the tap to check you are happy with the flavour.
  • Add ice until the storage jar is full.
  • Display out of direct sunlight, and enjoy at your leisure.

To make this recipe alcoholic, simply substitute ginger ale with an alcoholic ginger beer.

Note: Liquid will not dispense if the lid is clipped closed. To pour, unclip the lid and turn the tap.

24th May 2017

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Breakfast with Kilner®

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s important to get it right. We love breakfast here at Kilner®, and that’s why we have a range of products perfect for your morning routine.

For the Coffee Drinker

Budding barista? Café connoisseur? Then the Kilner® Coffee Grinder is the perfect way to kick start your day!

Grind your favourite coffee beans just how you like them with the adjustable ceramic grinder mechanism. Grind enough for one cup, or for the week ahead: Your grounds will stay fresh thanks to the included Kilner® Jar and airtight lid.

For those with a little extra time, why not try steeping your grounds in cold water to extract all the delicious flavour from your bean of choice? Leave overnight, and in as little as 12 hours, the Kilner® Cold Brew Coffee Set will make beautiful coffee for you to enjoy with milk or over ice: Perfect for those summer mornings.

Want a little extra flavour in your morning brew? We have a range of homemade flavoured coffee syrups for you to try!

For the Home Baker

If you’re a fan of fresh croissants or even a slice or two of toast in the morning, butter is an essential companion. The Kilner® Butter Churner is a great way to make homemade flavoured butter for the week ahead and make your breakfast extra special.

Try our Cinnamon & Honey Butter recipe that will give your morning pastry that little bit of extra luxury.

For the Time Savers

In the fast pace lifestyle of the modern office worker, time is at a premium. Overnight oats are the trendy, delicious breakfast solutions for those short on time, and we have some great recipes and products to help.

Served either in a Kilner® Clip Top Jar or a Kilner® Food On The Go Jar, these great tasting and healthy breakfasts can be made in advance and stored until you’re ready to enjoy them!

Raspberry & Blueberry Oats with Almond Milk
Strawberry Granola with Greek Yogurt

This is how we do breakfast at Kilner®, what’s your story? Watch the full Breakfast with Kilner® video here.


17th May 2017

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Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

A delicious and easy pickle for one of the nation’s favourite vegetables.


1 medium red cabbage
1tbsp salt
½ tbsp granulated sugar
½ small onion sliced
450ml Sarsons Pickling Vinegar
Suggested jars: 1 Litre Kilner® Clip Top Jar


1. Cut the cabbage into quarters and discard the outer leaves. Cut away the hard central core and shred the remaining cabbage finely.

2. Layer the cabbage in a bowl with salt then cover and leave to stand overnight.

3. In a Kilner® preserving pan gently heat the vinegar and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool.

4. The following day thoroughly rinse the cabbage and pat dry with kitchen roll.

5. Pack into sterilised Kilner® jars adding a slice or two of onion as you go. Pour in the vinegar until the cabbage is covered, leaving 1.5cm headspace. Wipe the rim of your Kilner® jar and seal. Process your Kilner® jars (please visit our section on processing your jars for information). Allow to mature for 4 weeks in a cool and dry place.

Top Tip: Always use a stainless steel or enamel pan for pickling; this ensures vinegar does not react with your pan and cause a metallic taste.

21st October 2016

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‘Soft Set’ Strawberry & Pimms Jam

It’s strawberry season AND Wimbledon, so naturally we’ve got 30 boxes of strawberries and 15 bottles of Pimm’s. Now you can make a racket about our amazing ‘Soft-Set’ strawberry & Pimm’s jam…which we LOVE. Puns over, we promise.


  • 1.5kg/3lb 5oz strawberries, hulled and halved if large
  • 1kg bag jam sugar (it has added pectin)
  • juice 2 lemons
  • juice 1 orange
  • 3 tbsp Pimm’s No 1


  • Put a few saucers into the freezer for later. Put the strawberries into a preserving pan (or your very largest saucepan), then mash roughly with a potato masher, or crush slightly between your fingers and thumbs to make them a little juicy. Stir in the sugar, then put the pan over a very low heat. Stir occasionally until the sugar has dissolved and the berries are surrounded with red syrup. Don’t let it boil. Once the sugar crystals have gone, stir in the lemon and orange juice.
  • Turn up the heat. Once the jam reaches a foaming fast boil (this will read 105C on a preserving thermometer), set a timer for 10 mins. After 10 mins, put 1 tsp of jam onto one of the frozen saucers, put into the fridge for 1 min, then push your finger through the jam. If the jam wrinkles, it is ready. If not, boil for another 2 mins and test again. As soon as the jam is ready, remove from the heat. Leave to cool for 30 mins, skim away any scum, then stir in the Pimm’s. Ladle into steralised jars.
  • Will keep in a cool, dark place for up to 1 year.

5th July 2016

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Starter Smoothie

Kilner have teamed up with the Clean Supper Club, the amazing new healthy food bloggers, to bring you an array of wonderful health-boosting smoothie recipes.

The Starter Smoothie is a quick and easy citrus masterpiece and a sure thing to give you that morning vitamin C boost!

Starter Smoothie – familiar flavours for beginners.

  •  1 apple
  •  ½ thumb sized piece of ginger
  •  juice of ½ lemon
  • 170ml of coconut milk.
  •  1 clementine
  • 8cm length of carrot

You’ll need a 0.5L Kilner jar to drink this on the go of a morning!

16th February 2016

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