Kilner Smoothie Competition

To end Kilner Smoothie Week we’re giving away a NUTRIBULLET and some Kilner Handled Jars!

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  • Starts August 14, 2015
  • Ends August 21, 2015
  • Winners must hold a UK postal code to receive prize
  • Prize 1 consists of a Nutribullet & Kilner 9 piece jar set
  • Prize 2 gives 3 winners 3 handled jars

Competition not in association with Facebook or Twitter.

14th August 2015

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Kilner Smoothies

In the midst of the online phenomenon that is health blogging, smoothies take the mantle as the blogger’s number one choice of post. Our smoothie guide aims to deliver some useful recipes and pointers for all your fruity creations.

Smoothies provide an ideal opportunity to utilise the goodness of all your home-grown produce. We use a lot of our ingredients straight out of the Kilner Allotment.

Kilner Smoothie Recipes


‘Berry Delight Smoothie’

The ‘Berry Delight’ ‎smoothie‬ is designed for an afternoon berry boost to your system, it acts as a powerful antioxidant with a rich blast of vitamin B and C.

We’re getting the best out of our ingredients by nutrition extraction using our NutribulletUK, then gulping it down in a pink handled Kilner jar.

‘Cucumber Coolade’

The Kilner ‘Cucumber Coolade’ is designed for a quick intake of daily Vitamin B’s. The cucumber and water infusion assist with your body’s digestion. It has a thin texture, that makes it perfect to enjoy along side or after a meal. Perfect for a green handled Kilner jar.

‘Sunshine Smoothie’

The Kilner ‘Sunshine Smoothie’ is designed to provide your body with a blast of vitamin C for a quick morning ‘pick me up’. The creaminess of the frozen banana & mango makes for a thick textured smoothie which encapsulates the taste of a tropical summer in a Kilner handled jar.



11th August 2015

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