Kilner® Herb Jars

Give old Kilner® Jars a new purpose by using them as herb pots. They will look great in your kitchen and will be within easy reach when cooking.

You will need:

Step 1
Remove the lid from the jar and place some small stones at the base of your jar to help with drainage.

Step 2
Fill the jar half way with compost/ potting mix then fit the screw band back on the jar.

Step 3
Carefully place your herb plant in the jar and surround with more compost.

Step 4
Water your herb plant so that the compost is damp but not saturated.

Step 5
Tie some raffia, brown string or ribbon around the neck of the jar for decoration and add a label, we used the Kilner® Chalk Labelling Set.

Step 6
Place it in a sunny spot near a window.


Want to know the best way to dry your fresh herbs to preserve them for future use? Read our blog, and we’ll guide you through the process. Click here.

15th May 2017

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Kilner Jar Mojito

Mix it up fiesta style with a Kilner Jar Mojito.

Kilner Mojito recipe

1. Grab your favourite Kilner jar.

2. Add a few mint leaves, a wedge of lime and crush.

3. Add more lime and a spoonful of sugar.

4. Fill up your jar with ice.

5. Pour over a shot of rum and fill the glass with club soda.

6. Stir, taste and add more sugar to taste.

6th June 2014

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Homemade Body Scrub for Mother’s Day

We were inspired by this recipe from to make our own home made mint sugar body scrub for Mother’s Day.


What makes this is such a great present for Mother’s Day is that it’s home made, is a fabulous beauty product and it’s very, very quick and easy for you to make at home!
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 3½ cups sugar
  • 2 tablespoons peppermint extract
  • 1 drop green food colouring
  • 1 drop blue food colouring


1. Place the coconut oil in a bowl and microwave on a high heat for around 20-30 seconds or until it softens.
2. Next, add the 3½ cups sugar (you can add slightly more/less if you want your scrub to be more coarse/smooth) to the oil, along with the peppermint extract and food colouring.
3. Mix this until ingredients are well combined and food coloring is evenly distributed. If mixture is too wet, slowly add more sugar until the scrub is to your desired consistency.
4. Transfer the body scrub into Kilner jars and decorate with a ribbon of your mum’s favourite colour.


You can even pop a luffa or body brush on top for an added wow factor!

25th March 2014

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