Spooky Halloween Kilner Jars

With Halloween fast approaching, why not use Kilner jars as the perfect Halloween decoration. They can be used for a variety of scary and spooky ideas. Kilner jars make great background props just fill with water and food colouring then add fake spiders, bats, body parts or any other creepy things. Guaranteed to send a shiver down your guests’ spines!

Kilner jars also make great gift ideas which are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party. Try out our latest craft idea and make your own scary jar and fill with sweets, simply follow the instructions below.

Have a great Halloween!


  • 4 x 500ml Kilner Preserve Jars
  • Orange, red, green, purple and black acrylic paint or spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Black marker pen
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters

Step 1
Take each jar and unscrew the lid. Discard the seal and paint the screw lid black and leave to dry. If you are using spray paint always ensure you use the spray in a well ventilated area.

Step 2
Paint or spray each jar in red, green, purple and orange and leave to dry.

Step 3
When jars and lids are dry, screw the lid back on.

Step 4
Now make a handle with the wire:

  • Cut 2 pieces of wire 30cm in length
  • Take one piece of wire and wrap it all the way around the neck of the jar, just below the screw lid.
  • Before securing in place, make an upside down U shape out of the second piece of wire and place it over the jar as the handle, sliding the 2 loose ends of wire through the gap between the jar and the first piece of wire.
  • Secure the first piece of wire into place as tightly as possible by twisting the two loose ends of wire around each other as close to the jar as possible. Once secure, use the wire cutters to cut any excess wire.
  • Secure the second piece of wire into a handle shape by twisting the loose ends of the U shape around the handle. Use the wire cutters to cut any excess wire.

Step 5
Print and cut out the 4 stencils downloaded here.

Step 6
Secure a different stencil to each jar using blu tac. Draw around the outline with the black marker pen, remove the stencil from the jar and fill in the outline with the marker.

Step 7
Fill your jars with sweets or a candle. That’s it your Halloween jars are now complete!

12th October 2015

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