Kilner Anniversary Jars

Celebrating 175 Years of Kilner

Revolutionary for its time, John Kilner’s 2-piece seal system with glass lid and metal screw band, enabled the home preservation of fresh food and supported an explosion in creative cooking – from Carrot Jam to Brandy Cherries.

Now the large capacity jars have been re-issued to mark Kilner’s 175 years of British brand heritage. Even the sizes (these editions are available as 0.75 Litre and 1.5 Litre jars) are symbolic of their time when home-grown produce was widespread and gluts of fruit and vegetables were stored for lean times, as a way of life.

Victorian kitchen walled gardens may be in the past, but the trend for ‘grow your own’ and ‘locally sourced’ produce is as popular now as it was back then. The 175 Years Anniversary Jars have the capacity and pedigree to store large quantities of your precious preserves.

Our heritage may be 175 years old, but the benefits of choosing Kilner for your kitchen are thoroughly modern. Using glass jars removes the risk of chemical exposure to BPAs as well as other associated health risks, which can occur when storing food in plastic for prolonged periods of time. Glass is scratch resistant and does not retain stains or odours. The two-piece glass lid system of the Anniversary Jars will guarantee a successful seal every time. The beautiful special edition jars also feature a unique measuring feature embossed onto the back, enabling you to measure your preserves with ease.

Added to this, Kilner jars are the sustainable storage choice as they are both built to last and are recyclable.


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